People of Determination (POD)

We have a whole department run by our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) dedicated to help and support people of determination in maximizing their learning experiences. The department's policy focuses on achieving as much integration as possible as well as giving a balanced and broad coverage of the curriculum in an inclusive environment. We have trained and experienced teachers and specialists working together to incorporate a wide range of teaching techniques along with assistive technological tools in adapting and adjusting strategies and approaches according to each student's individualized education program (IEP). We provide a range of special support services to improve the special children's development, boost their social skills, and enhance their academic achievements.

SEN support services include:

  • A special learning program for each student (IEP)
  • Adjusted learning materials and equipment
  • Extra help from our SEN assistants
  • Review and measurement of the students' progress
  • Encouraging the students to achieve the goals set to them using all means necessary

Measures like these help people of determination fulfil their potential at school and in their community, allowing full access to meaningful learning in an equal and equitable environment that will allow them to live life to the full.