Gifted and Talented

Here in Al Dhafra Private Schools we not only help all our students to fulfill their potential. We believe that by providing gifted and talented students with rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programs drawn from the American and British curriculum and aligned with individual learning needs, strengths, interests, and goals we will encourage and motivate them to contribute to the development and progress of the wider society.

We focus on fostering their talents and gifts in addition to providing them with programs tailored to their particular learning goals. For the academic year 2020/2021 we are nurturing the talents and gifts of our students and are helping them advance both academically and non-academically. In this academic year we have managed to create many opportunities for them to shine even in the distance learning period. We have planned, like every year, competitions, and activities to help our students reach their full potential.

Follow us and stay tuned to learn more about the activities and competitions planned throughout the year!

G&T Student Activities
Academic Year 2020-2021

Storytelling Grades (2-5)(6-8)(9-12) 28th February 2021
Holy Quran Recitation Grades (1-5)(6-8)(9-12) 28th February 2021
Live Art Gallery Grades 7-12 15th - 18th March 2021
Happiness Competition Grades 6-12 March 2021
Poem Grades 9-11 April - May (During Ramadan)
Down Syndrome Day Grades 7-9 21st March - 5th April 2021
Arabic Calligraphy Grades (2-5)(6-8)(9-12) 18th - 22nd May 2021
Writing a Story Grades (6-8)(9-12) 18th - 22nd March 2021
UAE National Sport's Day Grades 4-5 7th March 2021