(Programme for International Student Assessment)

    PISA is tested in Grade 10 American & British. Students do not receive a score but we receive results as a school to compare to international standards.

    What is PISA?

    The focus areas of PISA 2022 are Mathematical Literacy, Financial Literacy, ICT Literacy, and Creative Thinking.

    Mathematical Literacy: Critical challenges in a real-world context.

    Areas of Mathematics are tested linking problems to the individual, society, science, and occupations.

    Sample of the thinking skills challenged on the math test. Students must recognize patterns.

    Financial Literacy: Interpreting real-world problems and justifying the reasoning.

    PHONE PLANS Ben lives in Zedland and has a mobile phone. In Zedland there are two different kinds of phone plan available.

    Plan 1

    • You pay the phone bill at the end of the month.

    • The bill is the cost of the calls you make plus a monthly fee.

    Plan 2

    • You buy credit for the phone in advance.

    • The credit lasts for a maximum of one month or until all credit has been used.

    Question 1 What is one possible financial advantage of using phone plans like Plan 2?

    ICT Literacy:

    How students learn with ICT at school and outside of school.

    Creative Thinking:

    The PISA assessment will examine students’ capacities to generate diverse and original ideas, and to evaluate and improve ideas, across a range of contexts or ‘domains’.