As of September 5, 2018, by way of a memorandum, EmSAT is now mandatory for nearly all students in Grade 12 at Al Dhafra Private Schools.

Who must take the EmSAT?

→ All students (Emirati and non-Emirati) in the American system as part of equalization.
→ Emirati students in the British system.
→ Students in the British system (Emirati and non-Emirati) who plan on studying in the UAE at government universities (UAEU, Fatima College, Khalifa University, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic and HCT) or private universities.

NB:  Students must complete the EmSAT before applying for National Service.

What will the EmSAT scores be used for?

→ Equivalency in the American system
→ Scholarship consideration in the UAE
→ University admission to government and private colleges in the UAE

Special Considerations

→ A medical report must be submitted for SEN accommodation for those with special needs.
→ Students without an Emirates ID must submit proper identification and an approved document explaining why they do not have an Emirates ID on the “contact us” page on the MOE website.

The following subjects are required:

→ Computer Science

For those those pursuing medical fields:

→ Arabic
→ Biology
→ Computer Science
→ English
→ Math
→ Physics

NB:  Currently, there is no information regarding Biology and Computer Science, nor is there a marking scheme for Arabic. As soon as these are issued, we will upload them. You may visit http://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/EmSAT_achieve_en.aspx  to get the latest information from the Ministry of Education.

Students who are absent for an exam:
You must provide a documented and acceptable excuse on the “contact us” page on the website. This will be reviewed by a committee and if the excuse is not accepted, you MAY NOT RETAKE the test which could affect university admission, academic achievement (for ADEK schools), and scholarships.