Exam Procedures for American External Exams

Al Dhafra Private School—Al Ain is a test center for the following American exams:

SAT Online All international dates Must register online for SSD and submit paperwork online
ACT Online September, October, December, February, June only (See schedule at ACT) Must register online and submit paperwork online
AP (Exam Only) Contact the AP Coordinator May Possibly—contact the AP coordinator

For UAE Nationals: You must equalize with EmSAT.

AP has strict deadlines which are not flexible. Please contact the AP Coordinator in September at christine.sharon@dhafraschools.com stating the student’s name, date of birth, and exam subjects. It may be possible to register up until February.


NB: We cannot provide SEN accommodations unless the application is approved by College Board or ACT. You must apply online with an earlier deadline and submit a medical report for approval. Once approved, we will be notified and set up a room(s) according to the approval code.