Exam Procedures for American External Exams

Al Dhafra Private School—Al Ain is a test center for the following American exams:

SEN Accomodations
SAT/SAT with Essay/SAT Subject Online All international dates (See schedule at College Board) YES — must register online and submit paperwork online
ACT Online October, December, February only (See schedule at ACT) YES — must register online and submit paperwork online
AP (Exam Only) Contact the AP Coordinator May (See schedule at College Board) POSSIBLY — contact the AP coordinator

For UAE Nationals: SAT Math is longer accepted for equalization as of 2019.

AP has strict deadlines which are not flexible. Please contact the AP Coordinator in September at christine.sharon@dhafraschools.com stating the student’s name, date of birth, and exam subjects. It may be possible to register up until February.

NB: We cannot provide SEN accommodations unless the application is approved by College Board or ACT. You must apply online with an earlier deadline and submit a medical report for approval. Once approved, we will be notified and set up a room(s) according to the approval code.

For more details about each exam please refer to the links below:
SAT/SAT with Essay/SAT Subject
AP (Exam Only)