1. The registration for the next academic year is already open.

2. A student will be eligible for the new registration and re-registration only after the parent has cleared the outstanding fees by the end of April 30th, failing which the seat will be made available to any student on the waiting list for registration.

3. At the time of re-registration / new registration, a fee of 5% of the tuition fee per student is payable to the school. In case the student does not join the school without the parent notifying the school in writing sufficiently in advance before the commencement of teaching, this fee is non-refundable.

4. Failing to re-register your child(ren)(within the timeline mentioned) will result in your child(ren) losing their priority to the seats and such seats will be made available to candidates on the waiting list. The student will be considered based on further availabilty of seats in the respective grades.

5. The 5% registration fee paid will be adjusted only against the 3rd installment of the fees.

6. The schedule of tution fees is attached here with as per Annexure-1.

7. Tuition fees are payable in as 3 installments in a year. The schedule for fee-payment are as per (8) below

8. The schedules for the payment of the fees are as mentioned below.

  • 1st installment - August -Deadline September 14th
  • 2nd installment - December -Deadline December 31st
  • 3rd installment - March -Deadline March 31st

9. Any deviation from the above mentioned schedule needs to be approved in writing from the school Accounts Department, failing which the parent will be treated as a defaulting parent

10. In case of default of payment by the parent, the school will send 3 notices to the parents by means as the school may deem fit. (SMS / EMAIL / LETTERS / PORTAL COMMUNICATION). Upon the parents' non-response to the reminders, the child may be suspended from attending classes. The parents are urged to reach out to the Accounts Department for assistance with meeting the deadlines.

11. If fees for a current academic year, plus the registration fee for the following year is not paid by the end of April, the child's seat will be cancelled for the following academic year

12. For students departing during the mid-term, the guidelines of ADEC will be applied for any refunds due.

13. Payments will be accepted by CASH / CHEQUE / WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer details will be made available on contacting the school’s Accounts Department.

14. Cheques should be prepared in the name of “AL DHAFRA PRIVATE SCHOOLS”.

15. If cheques are returned for any reason, an amount of AED 250/- will be charged to the parent and the parent will be required to settle the amount in cash. No cheques will be received from the parent for any further payments.

16. Any parents wishing to pay post-dated Cheques can do so with the approval of the Accounts Department. No Cheques will be withheld for depositing. It will be deposited on the date mentioned on the Cheques

17. The fees for Uniform / Books / Activities is not included in the tuition fees mentioned. The respective charges for Uniforms / books are provided along with the tution fee schedule. Any charges for the activities would be informed by the school and would depend on the nature of the activity.