Students sit for mathematics and English placement tests and after passing those tests, they must submit:

  • A transfer letter from previous school attested by Abu Dhabi Educational Zone.
  • A registration form with a copy of last year school report.
  • Four photographs.
  • Passport copy of father and child.
  • Medical record form.
  • Transportation Form.



  • Must wear the correct uniform with school emblem whilst on the school premises. Sweaters or sweatshirts may only be worn if they bear the school logo. Students are not permitted to wear caps or any headgear in the classrooms .Long hair is to be tied back by girls, makeup or flashy jewelers is not permitted. Boys are not allowed to wear chains or jewelers of any kind.
  • Must be on time for school in the mornings. Students should arrive before 7:45 a.m. K.G and Junior students should use the juniors’ front gate. Senior students should use the BACK GATE to leave and enter the school.
  • Students arriving late must report to the administration for a pass slip and miss the first period. At the end of the school day students should be picked up promptly, preferably by 2:40 p.m. Parents are requested not to accompany their children to the classrooms, only if need arises, parents should refer to the administration for any assistance.
  • Missing fifteen lessons for any subject in one term will fail the subject and have no marks.
  • Every three lateness’s will be considered as one absent day.
  • Must be at the agreed pick- up point at the correct time if they are using the school bus service.
  • Must comply with the homework policy of the school. Students must complete all homework given. Homework tasks are written in students’ homework diaries. Students are set at least one piece of homework (in each subject).
  • Should spend between 1 and 3 hours every evening on homework, this should preferably be after physical activity, for example walking, running or playing sport.
  • Are liable to an appropriate punishment from the subject teacher and /or class advisor if they do not complete a homework task fully. This punishment may take the form of a break or after school detention, extra homework or lines. If students show no sign of improvement they will not be allowed to participate in school activities such as P.E. Art, Music, Trips, and Functions etc.
  • Should show their parents their homework diary every day as teachers use the diary to communicate with parents. The diary may contain messages regarding a student’s behavior or non- completion of homework. Parents are encouraged to use the diaries to communicate with teachers. It is preferable for parents to sign the diaries on daily bases.
  • Must bring all exam papers, monthly tests, and quizzes signed by their guardians.
  • Must keep books, copybooks or any property neat ,tidy and clearly labeled.
  • Should sit for all exams. If a student misses an exam he/she should submit a sick report which should be accepted and signed by the Principal.
  • Must not bring any unnecessary material for the school day. And should not come with items that are banned from school. This includes I-pods, CD’s, radios, fireworks, mobile phones, and large amounts of money, beepers, playing cards and toys. These items will be confiscated and held until the end of the term or until guardians collect them under their responsibility.
  • Must provide written permission or a request by parents to depart from school during the school day and a sick note in case of absence.
  • Must be polite to staff and fellow students at all times. Students must co-operate with teaching staff at all times. For example, students must be quiet when a teacher is speaking or when a teacher has asked for silence and show respect for exam rules.
  • On the school bus, must behave and remain seated at all times until dismissed. Students causing problems will be reported by the bus driver or conductor for corrective action and may have their privileges revoked. Students riding the bus should not consume food or drinks.
  • Must behave appropriately whilst on the school premises. Rude or anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. The following actions will be taken if the student fails to follow the above rules and regulations: two successive letters will be sent to parents and if such acts are repeated, the student will be suspended from school for 3 days. More than 2 suspensions will lead to the expulsion of the student.
  • Must complete all tasks set during a class or be liable to detention.
  • Must attend all classes on the timetable, including extra study classes. There are no exceptions to this rule. No students are allowed to leave the lesson without teacher’s permission.
  • Must not drop litter in the classrooms or in the playground, waste bins are provided for litter.
  • Must not eat snacks or drink liquids in the classrooms, library or Labs. No gum chewing is allowed on school premises.
  • Must speak English in all relevant classes. Use of any other language during these lessons is strictly forbidden. Speaking English is also expected between classes and at breaks.
  • No Fighting of any kind, including play fighting is allowed at school or during school activities .Infractions may result in suspension.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in or around DPS campus. Offenders will be suspended and possibly expelled. Please note that the school assumes responsibility for students only when they are on school premises.