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Message from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back everyone and we trust that everyone enjoyed a happy break with their families and loved ones.
It is always a pleasure for me to go home to New Zealand and see my dear son and sisters and other family and to marvel at the extraordinary beauty of my small homeland. However, it is also a huge pleasure to come back to the magic of the desert and the kind welcome which I always receive at Dhafra, Al Ain.
Many of our staff have been busy upgrading their qualifications and it was heartening to see so many successes with Masters and Doctoral degrees when we met on 4th January. Our warm congratulations to all these achievers.
We continue to push forward our agenda of improving our teaching and learning and we appreciate the support of our wonderful parents, expert teachers, dear students, and our excellent support staff, in our journey towards educational excellence.
Best to you all for this trimester.

Margaret A. Beresford

School Calendar

The school calendar contains all events and activities for the school year. You can also find ADEC approved schedule for holidays and vacations, as well as exam dates.


School Management System

School management an online portal provided by the school for both students and teachers for better learning experience and communication.


School Handbook

The school handbook contains all school information and daily routines that are useful for both parents and students. Download the PDF copy from the link below.


Student Protection Policy

To ensure that all schools have student protection measures in place, as strongly enforced by the UAE Federal Law Child Rights, and other relevant UAE laws.


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