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Message from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back from Eid. I trust that you had a happy break with your families and friends. The heat is starting to drop and this makes a big difference to the comfort of our students and teachers in school.
I am enjoying meeting you outside in the mornings as you drop off your children and thanks for making the effort to be on time. It is delightful to be in my second year so that I can recognize friends from last year and re-connect with them, as well as meeting new faces. Your support for our school is very important as we move from GOOD TO GREAT and we proud to have such a highly educated and committed group of parents to help on our journey of improvement.
Some books and uniforms are held up in transit but I appreciate your efforts to adapt; teaching is continuing as per the curriculum schedule and that is the most important thing.
I have been around each of our six assemblies which are held each morning in school and the students are all very glad to be back and are singing the UAE anthem in full voice. Our Head Boy and Head Girl – Ghiath Ayman Jabrah and Fatima Al Kaabi - will receive their badges this week at morning assembly; I congratulate them and their parents for their achievement and wish them well as the ambassadors of our school.
The final calendar of activities for the trimester is nearing completion and it will be uploaded for you in the next week.

Margaret Beresford

School Calendar

The school calendar contains all events and activities for the school year. You can also find ADEC approved schedule for holidays and vacations, as well as exam dates.


School Management System

School management an online portal provided by the school for both students and teachers for better learning experience and communication.


School Handbook

The school handbook contains all school information and daily routines that are useful for both parents and students. Download the PDF copy from the link below.


Student Protection Policy

To ensure that all schools have student protection measures in place, as strongly enforced by the UAE Federal Law Child Rights, and other relevant UAE laws.


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