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Message from the Principal

Greetings to all our parents and students and to all members of our very special Al Ain community.
We have had a busy term behind us and are heading into our trimester one examinations. We have benefitted hugely this trimester with the excellent addition to the school of Mr Brett Girvens as our Head of Secondary and Ms Maggie Finnemore who transferred to us from our Abu Dhabi school as Head of Primary.
Our term has shown our students working hard, especially as we lift expectations and raise standards for attainment. Our first GL international examinations and MAP testing were held in October; these internationally benchmarked tests are crucial in positioning our school against others globally. We have introduced the Student Competence Framework for Grades 1-6 and this is having visible impact on how the students understand their learning and the ways in which they interact with each other and the teacher within and outside the classroom.
We have had four parent teacher evenings, three informal parent forums, a meeting with the Parent Council and continue to listen to feedback from our excellent parent group. We are currently building on last year’s successful internship program: with parent partnership our senior students may attend a selected workplace for five days to see how it operates and the sort of duties which are carried out.
We are encouraging partnerships with other schools especially our sister school in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, our links with local schools grows and we warmly welcomed teachers from an Al Ain school to see our excellent Kindergarten facility.
Physical Education continues to bring success to our school with a first in table tennis and volleyball, second in basketball and third overall in the Al Jimi competition.
The Houses are up and running, the student leaders and Student Councils are active and, with our wonderful teachers, the learning continues to move from Good to Great.
Looking ahead, we wish you a restful winter break and we look forward to seeing you again in January.
Finally, we congratulate our girls from Grades 7,8 and 9 who participated in the UAEU "Make It" Innovation Award and won first prize. This is an excellent achievement and we applaud the girls and their teacher, Mrs Shahd.

Margaret Beresford

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